Chocolate cookies for dessert

27 May

During the spring and summer, we always love having BBQs on a sunny day. Last weekend, we hosted a small BBQ and sushi party for some of our family and friends even though the weather was cold and wet (the weather forecast was wrong as usual). This time around I wanted to make something simple for dessert so I baked Chocolate Sparkle Cookies and Korova Cookies. Yum, I love the taste of Valrhona Guanaja chocolate! If you do not already know, Chocolate Sparkle Cookies are truffle-like cookies that are rolled and sprinkled with sugar, and Korova Cookies are sable-like cookies with chocolate chunks and a hint of saltiness from Fleur De Sel sea salt. These cookies are perfect for all you chocolate-lovers out there!

Chocolate Sparkle Cookies

Korova Cookies

*Baking tip*  When chocolate is the star of the show, do not cheap out and use cheap chocolate. You should bake with good quality chocolate, such as Valrhona or Scharffen Berger. Your overall cost will be higher, but your baked goods will taste so much better!

I always like stocking up on various types of good quality chocolate so I can use them for baking at any time. Various stores around the lower mainland sell good quality chocolate, but their prices vary. My favourite place to shop is Gourmet Warehouse, which is located on East Hastings (at Clark Drive).


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