Mrs. Cake Pop

14 Oct

Last week I had the chance to meet one of my icons, Angie Dudley, the lady behind Bakerella.  Angie got me into making my own pops and blogging.  She makes the best looking cake pops and I’ve decided to call her “Mrs. Cake Pop”.

The display!

She had a book tour at participating William Sonomas and I was so glad to know she was going to be in Bellevue, WA as I’m from Vancouver, Canada.  After work the night before, I drove down and stayed in Lynnwood, WA, woke up early the next day and headed to Bellevue.  Once I got to the William Sonoma store at Bellevue Square, the friendly staffed asked if I was there for the book signing, and blushingly I said yes! all the way from Canada!  Picked up my book and proceeded to shop around for a bit, I was way too early (2hrs) to line up.  I went back 1 hr later and found a long line up, so I quickly lined up and waited and waited, then the staff handed out numbers so we were able to shop around and leave our spot.  As you can see below, I was number 14!!

#14 in line!

Then we found out how the book signing was going to work, this would be my first time!  The staff said she would do a Q&A session and then start the book signing.  We all walked in towards the center of the store and then Bakerella stepped out from the back, she was absouletly so cute and tiny!!! The Q&A session was very useful, after that, back into our line to get our books signed.

The book signing happened all so fast! I asked for a photo and she signed my book, then I told her I came down from Canada and she ended up taking MY picture! gosh, she was so cute! I should have brought her some goodies from Canada! but I wouldn’t know what!

Bakerella and I
Btw, if you met her, she may have taken some snaps of you! Check out her blog, I’m in the Seattle, WA slideshow! yay!!!!


Check out her book tour, she could stop by your town soon! 🙂

Signed by Bakerella


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