“Phil Pops”

23 Oct

This week I got an order for customized pops.  The order was for a soon-to-be bride, she wanted pops for her fiance’s surprised birthday party.  At first I was a bit hesistant at her request becuase I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fullfill her vision.  She wanted the pops to look like her fiance (Phil)…eek!!! “Could I pull this off” was  going through my head!!  However, the wonderful soon-to-be bride drew a  picture for me and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!  Of course I had to do a practice run! Check out the photo below of what she drew me.

That drawing she of Phil looks very cute!!! I was happy it was a lot simplified than what I imagined.  Check out below what the “Phil Pops” turned out to be like.   What do you think? Does it look similar?  I think next time, I’ll have to make the face a little more oval, but I think what makes these pops look cute is the hair! just look at the spikey hair! sooo cute! 🙂

To the soon-to-be bride, I hope he enjoyed his pops!

"Phil Pops"







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