5 Apr

I have been so horrible in updating this blog, I’m so sorry.  My life right now is just so crazy and busy with work, I barely have any time to blog and have just been doing quick uploads of pictures on facebook.  But now that i’m a bit less busy (not quite) I will be doing my best to update this site.

I mentioned a few post back that I had gone to Europe in December 2010.  This was my second time going to Europe, the first time was back in 2008 and I went to Venice, Rome, Florence, Paris and London.  I went for approximately 3 weeks and it was fun and tiring at the same time, haha!  This time I was away for 10 days and I went to London, Munich, and Paris.

We landed in London first, then went to Munich, then Paris, then back to London to fly home.  I’ll start with Munich first; Munich is known for their Christmas Markets and this was something I went to see specifically.  The markets look so beautiful in the morning, clear sky’s and snow always makes everything look wonderful!


P1000559 P1000510


At the Christmas Markets they sell lots of food, booze, and souvenirs.   The pictures below are just some of the amazing foods they sell, unfortunately, I couldn’t capture everything.




P1000526 I have no idea what these are, but they remind me of cupcakes! 😀

Not only did we go during the day to the market, but we went at night and OMG it looked so beautiful at night!!!
P1000644I also bought some lanterns…..I also bought a lantern in 2008 but never actually put them together… I have a feeling my new lanterns will not be built either… haha

Now that was a tidbit about Munich..I still have more to blog about but Im getting tired 😦

Next post: Castle in Munich inspired by the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland!


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