Our newest creations

21 Apr

Last night Kristie and I were selling cake pops and pecan bites at Bake for the Quake in Yaletown. We earned $367 from the bake sale and donated 100% of our proceeds to Japan’s earthquake and tsunami relief fund. Thank you all for your support! The turnout was absolutely amazing (not to mention the location was great). People stood in one lineup to get in and another lineup to buy tickets/tokens. You can imagine how packed it was in that tiny room. It was great meeting new and old friends (we met some from the previous Baker’s Markets in South Vancouver). Since this bake sale was for a special cause, we decided to make special cake pops related to Japan—sushi (maki rolls) and Sanrio characters. Just as we had expected, our Sanrio cake pops were the first to sell out. Everytime a child walked by, you can see their eyes light up as they point at the character they want hoping their mom would buy it for them.

Here are some photos of our newest creations!

Sushi cake pops

sushi cake pops

Maki rolls: ikura, farmed salmon, wild salmon, and kappa.

Sanrio cake pops

Sanrio cake pops

Badtz-Maru, Hello Kitty, Keroppi, and Pekkle

Badtz-Maru cake pops

Hello Kitty cake pops

Keroppi cake pops

Pekkle cake pops

More photos from last night’s event will be posted shortly, so check back soon!


One Response to “Our newest creations”

  1. Ryan April 21, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    Great job! 😀 they look awesome 😀

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