Welcome to our baking blog, Something Sweet For You, we specializes in Cupcakes and Cake Pops.  We are a small company where we bake everything made to order and from scratch.  We use old fashion ingredients like butter, flour, and sugar!  We love to create unique cupcakes and cake pops and are up for any challenge!

We have undergone some changes where last year my partner, Crystal had to say good bye.  We started SSFY as we both love baking and decided to make that into a reality in 2010 through The Baker’s Market in Vancouver.  Crystal had a baby girl in 2012 and raising a family is a full time job! Don’t worry, she hasn’t stopped baking, but it takes a bit more time to plan things out.  She will always be a part of SSFY and it was so much fun working together!


♥ Kristie

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