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It’s time to say goodbye

30 May

Hi everyone!

I will no longer be part of Something Sweet For You and Kristie will be taking over.

Throughout the years, Kristie and I had fun doing custom orders for people and selling our goodies at the baker’s market. Even though we only sleep for a few hours the night before a market, we are always so happy with our finished products. Sometimes I still think back to those days when we would talk about baking together and realize how far we’ve come since then.

About 1 year ago, I gave birth to a sweet baby girl. Who knew taking care of a baby would be so much work? My husband and I don’t even remember what it feels like to have a full night of uninterrupted sleep. I’m serious. Everything you do (or try to) ends up taking three times as long (or more) to complete. Just when you think you have some free time to do something for yourself, baby wakes up, cries, pees/poops, is hungry, or just want your attention. Before I was pregnant, I would talk to a close friend of mine (she has 2 kids now) and she would tell me random things about her life as a mom. I never thought much about it until I became a mom myself. My first thought was “Omg…everything she said is sooo true!! There is no time for anything.” If you think your life is so busy now, just wait until you have a baby (or two). What your life is like now will feel like a breeze.

I haven’t stopped baking and don’t intend to, so don’t worry. It just takes me a bit longer to plan things out and to deal with a baby who ONLY wants mommy most of the time.

Before I end this post, I’d like to thank all my friends and family who supported me during the time I was with SSFY. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You guys are the best! ❤



Visit us on December 16th, 2011

28 Nov

Can you believe December is just around the corner? Like I said in my last post, we will be one of the featured pop-up shops at Blenz Alma on Friday December 16th from 1:00PM – 3:00PM. Check out Blenz Alma’s flyer!

Pop-up shop flyer Dec 2011

West 4th & Alma: pop-up shop at Blenz

17 Nov

Now that we finished our last fall Baker’s Market in South Vancouver this year, we are getting ready for our next event.  On December 16th 2011, we will be a featured pop-up shop at West 4th & Alma, a Blenz coffee shop in Kitsilano (close to UBC).  Tiffanie and her sister recently opened their coffee shop a few months ago and are hosting various promotional events for their store.  Once Tiffanie contacted us, we were excited to be a part of her event.  Please come by on December 16th, as we will be selling various Christmas-themed cupcakes and cake pops.  Christmas is just around the corner and that will be a great time for you to buy some goodies to share with friends and family at your own Christmas party.

West 4th & Alma: pop-up shop at Blenz

Location — Blenz Coffee Alma (3698 West 4th Avenue)
Date — Friday December 16th
Time — 1:00PM – 3:00PM

We look forward to seeing you there. 🙂

The Baker’s Market is starting again

25 Aug

Baker's Market 2011

Once again we will be selling baked goods at the Baker’s Market in Vancouver. This year, the market runs from October 22nd to December 10th and is held at a new location in south Vancouver. We will be there on October 1st, October 29th, and November 12th so be sure to come by and say hi. It’s always nice meeting new (and old) friends—some of which are also bakers themselves.

For those of you who have never been to the event, be sure to check out for additional information.  Please bring bags and plastic containers to transport your baked goods (we all have to be more green).

See you soon!

A monkey-themed birthday

5 May

monkey rock and palm tree cupcakes

Last week I was busy baking monkey-themed cupcakes and cake for a birthday order. Rather than making all monkeys, I made 25 monkeys, 15 palm trees (with bananas), and 10 rock cupcakes. The palm trees and rocks made a nice background for all the smiling monkeys. As you can imagine, decorating these cupcakes took much longer than piping a normal “swirl” on a cupcake. One of the hardest things was to figure out how I was going to make palm trees — luckily I made extra because I broke a few while trying to assemble the tree trunk to the leaves! The rocks looked pretty plain at first so I added grass and flowers to them.

monkey cupcakes

rock cupcakes

palm tree and a banana cupcakes

Here’s the chocolate monkey birthday cake. I hope everyone at the party enjoyed all the cupcakes and cake. 🙂

monkey birthday cake