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♥ Love is in the air ♥

28 Jan

What a busy couple of months,  I finally have time to sit down, blog and bake!  I can’t wait to show you the Valentine’s Cupcake I made this weekend!  I love making unique cupcakes and cake pops and every time there is a holiday I’m always thinking of what holiday themed goodies I can make.  These cupcakes remind me of filled cupcakes because there’s always a surprise inside!  Sorry to say, no fillings in this cupcake, but rather something else special.

Valentine's Cupcake

Cut open the cupcake (the right way) and you’ll find a hidden heart!!!  This is so cute and a bit time consuming..haha, but the results are worth it, just like your significant other 😉
Valentine's Cupcake

If you are interested in order, send an email and we’ll quote you on a price.  Also, don’t forget about our Valentine’s Cake Pops; great for your friends, families, and that special someone.

Sweetheart Pops

I also wanted to show you what we have been up to in December, check out the photos below.

Snowman Cake Pop   We were asked to participate in a Pop Up Store at Blenz in Vancouver and we couldn’t say no!  I just love how the snowman turned out, he is absolutely adorable!

Wreath CupcakeAlso, I did some personal baking for family and friends.  I gave out Homemade Cookie Jars.  Homemade Cookie Jars are inexpensive and easy.  All you need is a jar (found mine at Homesense), dry ingredients, instructions, and voila!  I ended up tying a ribbon around the jar and printed my instructions and clipped it on with a clothes pin; simple and fast!
Christmas Cookie Jars


Summer Recap

22 Oct

This Summer has been very busy and I apologize for not updating this blog.  I really don’t know how people work full time, have a family and have their companies…they are really supersmoms or superdads! 🙂

This Summer was full of baking, baking and baking!  First Connie from Wedding Things who also is the creater of the Baker’s Market contacted me for a photoshoot.  She needed cake pops and mini cupcakes for a new display she was promoting and the timing was perfect!  I already had an order for making cake pops and mini cupcakes, so I was able to provide her with the goods!  I knew she had some new sticks she wanted to use on my cake pops, but I had no idea what she was using the rest for, but once I saw the pictures, they looked AWESOME!

Our cake pops were used on this beautiful display, Sweetie Pop.   ” The newest and most modern way to creatively display your gourmet lollipops, macaron pops or cake pops, The Sweetie Pop tree ” – Wedding Things

sweetie pop tree

A close up of our Bee Cake Pops.

Bee popsBee Pops

Then our Bee Cake Pops were used for their “grass” display.  This display is still in the works at Wedding Things, so please check for updates!

Cake Pops

Our simple Cake Pops were used to display their new Wooden Cake Pop Sticks.  ” These are best used for upside down cake balls that will be displayed on a platter. The wood sticks can also be used as a skewer for fruit, marshmallows, or as a drink stir stick too ”            – Wedding Things

Wedding Things not only sell cake pops displays and accessories, but they sell everything and anything that has to do with weddings, parties, anniversaries, and more!  Please definately check them out!  They also ship Worldwide.

Stay tuned for more Summer Photos!

What are YOU doing this Saturday July 23rd?

19 Jul

We are SO excited to be at the Tri-Cities Baker’s Market again this Saturday July 23, 2011 from 10am-2pm.  This will be the second to last market for the summer till the fall, so don’t miss out!

This week they will be running a family baking demo which will allow for 1-2 kids to participate!  This would be a great chance for your kids to get involved and learn about baking.

If that doesn’t make you want to come by, the market will be having another draw for Basket of Baking!  The Basket of Baking will consist of goodies from the bakers at the market!

There are going to be some amazing bakers with a variety of goodies, so please try to stop on by!!!  If you do go, please come by our table and say hi!  We’ll be there with our delicious goodies and this is a great opportunity to purchase in small quantities!

See you there 😉

Easter came and gone…

2 Jun

It’s been a busy few months and I apologize for not updating the blog much. For those who update their blog almost daily, I envy you, I have no idea how you work, blog, bake and live life!

So, Easter came and gone and now May has just past and we’re in June!  In April, my cousin ordered some special Easter cake pops for a friend.  She wanted them in the shape of flowers, chicks and eggs.  For the flower cake pops, I individually wrapped each with a green and yellow ribbon to represent ‘leaves’. With the flower cake pops, she had a great idea of sticking the flower cake pops in pot to represent windowsill flowers and to make it even more realistic, she used Maltesers Chocolates as dirt and it looked absolutely fabulous!

Cake Pop Easter Basket
I love the cute little chocolate bunnies popping out of the pot, it’s super cute!

Eggs, Flowers, Chicks

Here are the rest of the cake pops I made for her!

Tri-Cities Baker’s Market

24 May

We are so excited to be in the Tri-Cities Baker’s Market this Saturday May 28, 2011 from 10am-2pm.  This will be the very first Baker’s Market in the Coquitlam area and the brains behind this is Kimberley Mulla aka The Marshmallow Lady (that’s what I call her….but she doesn’t know it…but she makes the yummiest marshmallows!!! ).  This market will be there for 5 days in the Summer and the first day will be this Saturday!

This is about more than a market, Kimberley is dedicated in connecting the Tri-Cities community with quality,  handmade food.  She is also committed to engaging the children and youth in learning about food and baking at home.  With this said, there will be family baking demos about teaching parents and kids to bake and cook together.  This is a great opportunity for families to get together and spend a Saturday morning or afternoon while supporting your local bakers.

Again, there are going to be some amazing bakers with a variety of goodies, so please try to stop on by!!!  If you do go, please come by our table and say hi!  We’ll be there with our delicious goodies and this is a great opportunity to purchase in small quantities!

See you there 😉