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Happy Belated ♥ Day!

16 Feb

How was your Valentine’s Day?  What did you do?  Who did you spend it with?

Valentine’s Day does not always have to be spent with your boyfriend or girlfriend but with any loved one.  It’s just a special day to let the ones you love know that you care about them.  I spent my Valentine’s Day spreading the love and spending some time with R.

What better way to say Happy ♥ Day then to give them something sweet to eat!  I had a few orders for Valentine’s; I baked about 4 dozen Hidden Heart Cupcakes and 1 Cupcake Bouquet.  I hope all the kids at school, the coworkers, and my friends enjoyed the Hidden Heart Cupcakes!  The Cupcake Bouquet was for a special wife!  With the leftover, I made some cake pops.Valentine's Cupcake

Hidden Heart Cupcake

Red Velvet Cake Pop

Check out this cute card I got, inside says ‘iguana love you forever’  😀

Valentine's Card

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s whether you did something elaborate or just hung out with a loved one ♥


Fall Baker’s Market

26 Oct

Our first Baker’s Market for this fall was on October 9, 2010.  It started out with a rainy morning, boo to Vancouver 😦  My two friends came to help me out, thanks goodness for awesome friends 🙂   Both friends are on my friends link, Vincent Chau helped me box my cupcakes and of course he was the designer behind my logos and pacakaging!  My other friend is Edward Yee, he is behind all these awesome photos below.  Gosh, without them, I wouldn’t know what to do!  THANK YOU! ❤   Psss..if you need a graphic designer or photographer, I HIGHLY recommend them; check out their website!!  (ok, I’m done promoting now )

The market started off slow, I believe it was due to the weather, however it picked up after an hour or so.  This time we made six different cupcakes, pumpkin pops and pecan bites…yummie!  I love when the market ends because we end up trading goodies with other bakers.  That day I ended up with a full basket of goodies from cinnamon buns, to brioches, to cookies.  This is such a great event to meet new bakers and experience new and unique goods.  If you are a baker in Vancouver, or love to eat baked goods, come on by!!

Display Table
I just love how we captured the kid on the right….he’s either bored or ‘oh boy look at all those goodies’  haha!

Table Display
Our lovely table display.

Pumpkin Cake Pops
The oh so cute Pumpkin Pops!!!

Chocolate Green Tea
Yummy Chocolate Green Tea

This is absolutely my FAVOURITE picture, that girl in the red is so adorable!


Come by this weekend, we’ll be at the Baker’s Market again for Halloween!!! Come by as we will have Halloween themes pops and cupcakes, also don’t forget to dress up!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

4 May

Send your mom something truly sweet and special this Mother’s Day…an edible bouquet of cupcake roses!

You can choose from two options:

For $35

8 cupcake bouquet placed in a vase

select from one flavour below

comes with an optional homemade card

For $40

10 cupcake bouquet placed in a vase

select from two flavours below

comes with an optional homemade card


  • Vanilla bean cupcake frosted with vanilla buttercream
  • Earl Grey cupcake frosted with lemon buttercream
  • Lemon cupcake frosted with lemon buttercream
  • Chocolate cupcake frosted with chocolate buttercream

Customization may be available upon request.
For inquires please email