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*Thump Thump*

1 Mar

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to make bunny cupcakes for a birthday party.  The birthday boy was turning 100 days old.  In Chinese tradition, when a baby turns 100 days old, it’s time for a celebration. This celebration represents the wish that the baby will live 100 years (if i’m wrong, I’m sorry!).  To celebrate, family and friends come together over a meal.

I was asked to make bunny cupcakes because the birthday boy’s chinese zodiac is a rabbit.  I was racking my brain as to how I was going to make these bunnies, but after a few bad attempts, I was able to find the perfect way! YAY!!

These cupcakes would be perfect for Easter too!!! I can’t wait to make more! 😀


Bunny tier



Easter came and gone…

2 Jun

It’s been a busy few months and I apologize for not updating the blog much. For those who update their blog almost daily, I envy you, I have no idea how you work, blog, bake and live life!

So, Easter came and gone and now May has just past and we’re in June!  In April, my cousin ordered some special Easter cake pops for a friend.  She wanted them in the shape of flowers, chicks and eggs.  For the flower cake pops, I individually wrapped each with a green and yellow ribbon to represent ‘leaves’. With the flower cake pops, she had a great idea of sticking the flower cake pops in pot to represent windowsill flowers and to make it even more realistic, she used Maltesers Chocolates as dirt and it looked absolutely fabulous!

Cake Pop Easter Basket
I love the cute little chocolate bunnies popping out of the pot, it’s super cute!

Eggs, Flowers, Chicks

Here are the rest of the cake pops I made for her!